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Spiritual Completeness, Parable of the Fig Tree, rapture, myth, Genesis, God Election, Christ, Israel, satan, Paradise, antichrist, Jew, Jewish. Google www.shepherdschapel.com and learn about the great books of the Bible. Google www.google.com enter Four Blood Moons for Spiritual Completeness information. Google www.getv.org login, enter Four Blood Moons in search box and view Sermon: then you will believe that something Big is going to happen in Israel in 2015. I was inspired to produce these documents since some Christians believe once saved always saved, that Christ comes first, and in the rapture myth. The day of satan, the antichrist is near and possibly in the Spring of 2015. In addition, I believe that when my LORD comes that I will be out of here in the blink of an eye, the seven years was shortened to five months: Revelation 9, v5, and the two and one half months has been shortened: Mark 24,v22. The Two Witnesses will arrive 3 to 7 days before satan, the antichrist. See you in Paradise on the Righteous side of the Gulf.


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